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Night Flight 101

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Finally after at least a month of preparation and several false starts I have achieved my first night flight. This was done down at our field at around 7 to 8:30 pm November 12. It was quite cold: -2 to + 2 C and I was flying with leather gloves. I used 8 solar/patio lanterns to mark/illuminate my path to the pits and the flight station and then the center line of the runway. 

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A fantasy flight, a trip in an AN-2

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My first glimpse of it was sitting in weeds and undergrowth at the side of the disused Pearls Airport in the northeast part of the island of Grenada (click here for google map). 

The ‘CCCP’ on its side was barely legible. “What an ungainly, ugly monster”Derelict AN2 CCCP 71189 I thought.  I just had to get out of the van and look it over. Somewhat to the north was another derelict; larger, twin engines, with a ramp at the rear, and the fading ‘Cubana’ name barely readable on its side. 
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Flag Towing with a Radio Controlled Model Airplane

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I have been interested in using a model airplane as a tractor or platform for other things, almost from the instant I first got to fly one. One of the things I aspire to do is towing a banner. I have not gotten around to that yet, but I have managed to successfully tow a flag aloft and get it back intact. (The airplane, too!)
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RC Airplane Starting Table

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Every Club should have Safety Starting Benches and our Club now has 6 of these in place. This article will explain how to build one for your own use or your club. The overwhelming response from our club members is, "how did we ever manage without them!".

Thanks to Mr. Charles Meyer for making this construction article available to all.

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Pete's unothodox helicopter learning method!

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Hi guys, I thought a note on how I learnt to fly helicopters might be useful to some. I am assuming here that we are dealing with a RTF, ready to fly, electric helicopter, and someone that has never had a hand on a helicopter before. One word of warning there is no such thing as a ready to fly helicopter in the hands of a novice. If you think that you are going to give it gas and fly off into the wild blue yonder, forget it, and go back to watching television. If you have seen the experts lift a helicopter out of the grass into a perfectly steady hover without a twitch or a shake just remember that is a long way down the road. You are going to need all of your patience, determination and lots of time to get to that stage. 
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